MapMy911 App


with map on request mobile phone tracker

Do you have children? An older parent with health issues? Live or work in a dangerous environment? Travel to unfamiliar locations? Employees you need to keep track of? Most people will face a potentially harmful situation in their lifetime.

What if you can increase the possibility that help will arrive in time.

The MapMy911 App allows a user the capability to send an interactive map (shown below) to their list of contacts just by sending an SMS text that starts with 911.This message can be sent to any recipient, not just ones in the contact list. Within seconds, the App can provide the necessary information to the people that you trust can help, so that they can help.

The App can also be used as a phone tracker. An SMS text sender that is set up on the phone can request a map by texting one of the "Match" strings set up in the phone. The phone will automatically return a map of the current location.

If they are in trouble, a simple 911 text can notify you
The App will immediately attempt to provide a map of the phones location to all 911 contacts.

Why MapMy911 App ?


What value do you put on the safety of your loved ones?

You purchase phones for your family for communication and safety reasons. You want to be able to find them in an emergency. Often, as a parent, you just want to know where they are. You paid a lot of money for this ability, but all too often it does not work. The reply to your question of their location may be vague, an inaccurate location, or you may not be sent a reply at all.

What is it worth to you to be able to get that location automatically by just sending an SMS message. Or to know that your loved one can send you their location via an SMS message by just typing 911. Can you really afford not to add that ability to all the mobile phones in your family? When you look at the value you paid for your phone and the value of your loved ones safety, isn't the MapMy911 app a "must have".